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Marco Polo is a free video chat app that works well when you have a moment to talk and doesn’t depend on matching schedules. Unlike other video apps, you don’t need to be live to participate.

Welcome to your tribe!

There is something special about language learners. In my time interacting with Parley Blue students and while traveling and living abroad, I’ve noticed some common traits in foreign language learners. Have you noticed these traits too?

Language learners tend to be:

  • Adventurous. It takes a lot of courage to make yourself heard in a foreign language. I’ve seen this bravery cross over into other aspects of language learner’s lives. From adventure sports or living abroad to entrepreneurship or business ventures, language learners are exciting people.
  • Empathetic. My capacity for empathy grew exponentially after I began learning a foreign language. Language learners know how it feels to be a minority. They know how it feels to be an outsider or to not fit in. Being the only one in the room who doesn’t understand a joke or who doesn’t know how to ask for directions is a challenging experience that helps develop empathy. An experience that is hard to mimic elsewhere.
  • Ambitious. Language learners are determined. It takes a lot of focus, practice, and foresight to learn a foreign language. Language learners tend to be high-achievers in all aspects of their lives.
  • Interesting. Multi-lingual people always seem to have a fascinating story to tell. Each person’s reason for learning another language is unique. Their experiences and journeys are varied and vast. My ears perk up and I become an eager listener when I meet a new bilingual friend.

These are the kind of people I love to spend my time engaging, interacting, and learning from. People who help me to level up and aspire to be better myself. This is the caliber of students we have in our Parley Blue community. This is my tribe and I invite you to be apart of it too!

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