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Podcast Recommendations for People Learning Spanish


Podcasts are a great way to supplement your language studies. When I was learning Spanish in college, I almost always listened to a podcast or music in Spanish while I walked to class. It’s a great way to take advantage of those in-between moments and get lots of comprehensible input to train your listening.

So, since people ask me all the time for Spanish podcast recommendations, I want to share some of my personal favorites with you all. Below I’ve listed 9 Spanish podcast recommendations for you to check out and start listening to.


  • News in Slow Spanish (Beginner) – This podcast covers world news in Spanish but they intentionally slow down their speed so beginners can follow along. I like it because you can catch up on news while working on your Spanish.
  • No Hay Tos (Beginner) – No Hay Tos is a podcast made for people learning Spanish that focuses on improving your listening comprehension. The hosts are childhood friends who talk about anything from personal stories to general culture in Mexico.


  • Espanolistos (Beginner/Intermediate) – Espanolistos is a podcast hosted by an American/Colombian couple that lives in Colombia. It was inspired by the host’s struggle to learn Spanish and its goal is to help beginners avoid the common missteps when learning Spanish. It’s unique in the sense that one of the co-hosts is not a native Spanish speaker.
  • Tres Cuentos (Beginner/Intermediate) – This is a bilingual podcast dedicated to the literary, historical, and traditional narratives of Latin America. Each episode is in English and Spanish. Each episode tells a story that explores historical and social aspects of Latin America.


  • Radio Ambulante (Intermediate/Advanced) – Radio Ambulante is an NPR podcast and it is personally my favorite podcast in Spanish. It is a narrative podcast that tells uniquely Latin American stories in Spanish. It’s great to get a feel for the various cultures of Latin America.
  • Diana Uribe Podcast (Advanced) – Diana Uribe is a Colombian historian that tells untold stories from all around the world about small towns, political phenomenon and cultural movements. It’s a very engaging podcast and I personally love her accent.
  • Oppenheimer (Advanced) – Oppenheimer is a weekly CNN podcast that covers relevant political, economic and social topics. Unlike News in Slow Spanish, the hosts talk in real speed.
  • En Contxto (Advanced) – En Contxto is a podcast focused on entrepreneurship in Latin America. They cover everything from talking about specific LATAM startups to explaining how vesting equity works in Spanish.
  • Latino USA (Advanced) – Latino USA offers insight into the lived experiences of the Latino communities in the United States. It covers cultural, political and social ideas impacting Latinos throughout the country.




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