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How to Memorize the Colors (or any word!) in French Faster

Les Couleurs

Learning in context is the fastest way to learn vocabulary words in a foreign language. By combining listening, reading, and speaking new words within complete sentences, you’ll learn French faster.

Deliberate practice is one of the 6 research-backed principles used in the Parley Blue method that will help you achieve French fluency and comprehension. And, by implementing the Pareto principle, or 80/20 rule, you’ll be working smarter, not harder.

Listen & Mimic

Learn the colors in French the Parley Blue way, through listening to complete native audio sentences and mimicking aloud what you hear. Learning words in sentences will help you memorize them faster!


1. Blue, Bleu(e)

English: The ocean is blue.
French: L’océan est bleu.



2. Red, Rouge

Stop at the red light.
French: Arrête-toi au feu rouge.



3. Green, Vert(e)

I’d like the green detox juice, please.
French: Je voudrais le jus de détox vert, s’il vous plaît.



4. Yellow, Jaune

I love New York’s yellow taxis.
French: J’adore les taxis jaunes de New-York.



5. Pink, Rose

Let’s buy the pink flowers!
French: On va acheter les fleurs roses!



6. Purple, Violet(te)

The purple lilacs smell amazing.
French: Le lilas violet sent très bon.



7. Orange, Orange

Do you want orange juice or coffee?
French: Tu veux du jus d’orange ou du café?



8. Black, Noir(e)

I take my coffee black.
French: Je prends mon café noir.



9. Grey, Gris(e)

The sky is grey when it’s cloudy.
French: Le ciel est gris quand c’est nuageux.



10. White, Blanc(he)

I love walking on fresh white snow.
French: J’adore marcher sur la neige blanche.



11. Brown, Marron

Wear your brown boots today.
French: Mets tes bottes marrons aujourd’hui.




What is your favorite color?
French: Quelle est ta couleur préférée?


I bet you feel smarter already.

You did it! Congratulations. Now, wasn’t that more fun than reading a list of French words that you don’t know how to pronounce? How did it feel to speak the words out loud? It may be uncomfortable at first, but the more you practice, the more natural speaking French will feel.

Learning a foreign language through listening to native audio sentences works better than flashcards and grammar drills. By focusing on the core ingredient for language learning, what linguists call comprehensible input, we shortcut your language journey and get you speaking and understanding faster.

Learn more about our proven method. Find out how you’ll learn to speak with better pronunciation and acquire impressive listening comprehension more quickly than with any other method.

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