Elite Spanish Fluency Bootcamp

Spanish fluency for investors, entrepreneurs, and professionals
Language learning is rarely done right. Less than 1 percent of American adults speak the foreign language they studied in school.

We’re unlike any other fluency program. Research-backed and laser-focused on speaking and understanding like a native.

Personalized. A private native coach, like a personal trainer, creates custom study content just for you
Time-effective. Your custom content is delivered through our app in bite-sized immersion experiences, available anywhere and anytime
Motivating. You are encouraged, supported, and guided all the way to fluency through weekly conversations with your personal language coach

Want to learn French or Portuguese?

We Help High Achievers Access the World Through Foreign Language
We’ve helped venture capitalists, doctors, startup founders, lawyers, and other professionals expand their personal and work opportunities through foreign language fluency.

If fluency is your goal, Parley Blue will get you there.

Fluent, effortless speech
Native-like pronunciation
Excellent listening comprehension
Six Months to Conversational Fluency
We’ve cut away the misguided focus on vocab lists and grammar drills. By focusing on the core ingredient for language learning, what linguists call comprehensible input, we shortcut your language journey and get you speaking and understanding faster.

Learn more about our proven method. Find out how you’ll learn to speak with better pronunciation and acquire impressive listening comprehension more quickly than any other method.

The Parley Blue team is awesome — available, genuinely curious about my experience, and the coaches have been great, too. Would def recommend, and have!

– Allie, Parley Blue Student

Join a Community of Achievers
Surround yourself with others pursuing your goal and you’re more likely to reach it — and have fun along the way.

Meet and learn alongside other interesting individuals traveling or doing business in new countries, or just enjoying the relationships a new language enables.

Meet Chip. A Parley Blue student.

He’s a lawyer-turned-venture-capitalist in San Francisco who travels to Brazil. He wanted to learn how to discuss his business deals with Portuguese-speaking colleagues. His Brazilian Parley Blue coach, Rayza, is fluent in Portuguese, French, and English. She created custom content about board meetings, funding rounds, and finance terms. He could practice, repeat, record, and review all the native audio on his own time and learn to speak nuanced business terminology like a native.

Overwhelmed with Where to Start? We’ll Guide You.
We understand the struggle. Language learning is hard. With so many programs to choose from, it’s hard to know which will deliver results.

The Parley Blue team has learned multiples languages. We’ve immersed in cultures. We’ve studied graduate-level linguistics and were Foreign Language and Areas Studies (FLAS) fellows under the US Department of Education. We experienced how the wrong method will waste more than time and money, it will also create permanent bad habits. With us, you’ll learn like you did your native language and avoid the common mistakes most second-language learners make.