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One Painful Trick To Build Your Language Learning Habit

Creating Habits by Leveraging the Concept of Loss Aversion So I’m thinking about habit tracking lately. Trying to figure out why it works. Let's make it real. Let's talk about the habit of practicing your new language. Specifically, doing your daily lesson in the...

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Tiny Habits for Language Learning

If I wanted to cross the threshold into fluency I needed to hack the habit-forming process.   Maintaining consistency with the habits and routines that I know are good for me is one of my biggest frustrations. I love self-improvement and have mountains of...

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Turning Quarantine Lemons into Language Fluency

I'm generally a pretty positive and optimistic person. I'm also an empath and feel like the fear and worry of the world has been resting on my shoulders. I have prepared myself and my family the best that I can for the COVID-19 pandemic and have decided that now it's...

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Practice your Spanish with Reggaeton and Bad Bunny

Hola! One very fun and exciting way that I use to keep up with my Spanish is by listening to Reggaeton. I currently have Bad Bunny’s new album YHLQMDLG* on repeat at my apartment and can’t get enough of it. *YHLQMDLG stands for "Yo hago lo que me da la gana" which...

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