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You’re my people. Marco Polo + Parley Blue

Marco Polo + Parley Blue Connect with fellow language learners on the Parley Blue + Marco Polo (video chat app) channel. Meet new friends! In-English support from fellow language learners. Daily language learning motivation Tips, tricks, and best practices Daily...

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Are You Excited to Engage with Spanish Each Day?

Do you have a language learning goal? If you said, "yes", that's awesome. Keep reading. If you said "no", feel free to move on. This is for people who are serious about learning a new language. Ok, next question, for the happy few that are still with me: Do you have a...

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Best Time to Plant a Tree + Learn a Language

Foresight to Plant a Tree Last weekend the sun was shining and the temperature was somewhere between amazing and perfect. Strung between two strong trees, I laid in my hammock, appreciating the vibrant blue of the sky and the rich green hue of the leaves that...

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Language Learning Plateaus – How to Beat Them

Hi! If you’ve previously spent time learning languages, you know what a language learning plateau feels like. If you are just starting to learn another language, you’ll know soon enough. Basically a language learning plateau is when you stop learning the language as...

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Envy. Dread. Inspiration.

I have felt the strange mixture of envy, dread, and inspiration that comes when I see someone achieve a goal that I once set for myself. That strange brew of emotions only comes together when I have let my own efforts flag, getting distracted by, well, distractions,...

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Uniting Humanity With Language

Leaving My Bubble I grew up in a small town near the Rocky Mountains in Idaho where everyone looked, believed, and spoke, more or less, the same. I’d never seen poverty or ridden in a taxi. In my small corner of the world, there was a right way to do things. A...

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Can You Learn a Language Without Speaking with Anyone?

Is it possible? Could you learn to understand and speak a language without actually speaking to anyone? It's a question worth asking, so let's explore the possibility here. First, there are some real challenges we have to deal with before we can say "yes". Most...

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Why Language Learning in the US is Broken

If you're going to do something, do it right. Unfortunately, language learning is rarely done right. In the United States, it's especially broken. Billions of dollars and millions of hours spent a year with very little to show for it. High school classes, free mobile...

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