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Best Time to Plant a Tree + Learn a Language

Foresight to Plant a Tree Last weekend the sun was shining and the temperature was somewhere between amazing and perfect. Strung between two strong trees, I laid in my hammock, appreciating the vibrant blue of the sky and the rich green hue of the leaves that...

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Envy. Dread. Inspiration.

I have felt the strange mixture of envy, dread, and inspiration that comes when I see someone achieve a goal that I once set for myself. That strange brew of emotions only comes together when I have let my own efforts flag, getting distracted by, well, distractions,...

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Uniting Humanity With Language

Leaving My Bubble I grew up in a small town near the Rocky Mountains in Idaho where everyone looked, believed, and spoke, more or less, the same. I’d never seen poverty or ridden in a taxi. In my small corner of the world, there was a right way to do things. A...

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